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"That wasn't a very good story."


"It wasn't."

"But it's a very old story."

"Doesn't make it any good."
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The land of Ailan's birth and childhood was in the north. It was a land of water, chill and beautiful, flanked by old forest and imperious mountains, whose necklaces of deep blue lakes were like opals, and laced with long winding rivers that shone like silver streamers in the sun.

The Water realm used to be just that — a settlement on the sea. But just as the first city Adalance grew to become a sprawling metropolis, the Water realm stretched along the coast and reached inland. The empire now extends into the continent as far as the River Coureaux (Kuro), which flows north to south from the mountains of Niradn to the delta of Hamadry. The river's west is known as the frontier to citizens of the Water realm.

The Elfish )

The Royal Family )

The Vorce Family )

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The Vale

Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:12 pm
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Eirendi's mother came from a rolling country of wooded hills and burbling streams called Hamadry. It was a warm and balmy southern land where the trees never lost their leaves, remaining full and green throughout the year. There, Rou built a house for his family.

Note: I rather envision Hamadry to be a segway between this and this

Geographically, Hamadry consists of karst landscape, hills, small mountains, and the south sea strand. This is my first summer living in the Jiangnan since I was four years old, and my fond memories have served me well short of one thing — I seem to have forgotten how much it rains here.

Located on the coast in a woody hill-valley, the Vale can be considered the hub of Hamadry (since their society lacks a macrocosmic structure, I feel weird calling it the "capital city"; to begin, it isn't a city).

History of the Vale )

Woodlanders )

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A girl

Jul. 22nd, 2010 08:41 pm
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Informal notes on Eirendi, click the arrow to expand/collapse )

See, Eiri's much happier talking about clothes (which she has) than gender (which she doesn't). :]

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