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Name:.:earthen vessel:.
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Community description:天地在我心 | Sky & Earth Within My Heart
[personal profile] nijibug's project base is moving to [community profile] sanddance for the following reasons: 1) this url contains an undesirable dash, and 2) the current method of organization was too much effort to maintain with each update. This comm will no longer be updated but it won't be deleted for the time being and will remain as an archive.

What is Sand Dance?


[community profile] sand_dance is
...not my blog.
...a novel highly experimental in nature.
...formed loosely in the tradition of wuxia (the ancient Chinese knight errant). attempt to create a narrative experience more spiritual than physical.
...a tale of time disregarding age; a story of love devoid of romance; a quest for vengeance without weapons.
...a story about fathers, and brothers and sisters, of deserts forming from grasslands, the animals of the zodiac, and the sutures where pieces of the world fit together.
...a badger and an owl who try to change the end of their story.
...not meant to be interesting nor accessible.
...a question and a tentative answer
...pointless, save for the fact that...
...irrefutable proof of my existence.

Why is it called "Sand Dance"?

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kintsugi, maybe地球は球体じゃない, pythagoras's other theorem, sand dance, where words come from, wuxia
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