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"That wasn't a very good story."


"It wasn't."

"But it's a very old story."

"Doesn't make it any good."
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Stop eating flowers
That's not what flowers are for
Give me the hours
You slept without closing the door

I want to know... )
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There lived a boy who had done so many unforgivable things that his heart grew dark and cold and eventually lifeless. As he lay breathing his last alone beneath the starry sky, he heard voices above him.

"Look at him. He is so young."

"It can't be helped; they don't live long anyways."

Someone reached down straight into his chest and he felt a great weight lifting. For a moment he saw a coal-black stone. There was a noise and a puff of dust.

"What have you done? Why, you've completely destroyed it!"

"Without a heart, he has no chance to live!"

Wordlessly, the one who had crushed his heart to powder plucked a star out of the night. It was a yellow star of medium size. As it pulsed and glowed above his empty chest, the boy felt heavier than anything on earth yet lighter than anything in heaven.

The star was placed with utter and deliberate gentleness into the space that his heart had vacated.

"Now you will live forever."

"A duck hears but cannot understand the thunder."

Eirendi cocked her head, perplexed. "I'm no duck, but I can't understand the thunder either!"
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A tree like half a lyre
A bow the wind bent
And never released
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"Lines on your face."


"Is that what makes you old?" asked Eirendi.

"Quite the contrary; it is the being old that puts the lines on one's face," Haolan chuckled.

"Then what makes you old, Grandfather?"

"Do you know what old means, Eiri?"

She shook her head.

"It simply means that one has been around for a long time."

"Well, that doesn't explain anything."

"No, it doesn't," the doctor admitted. "Not much."

"But aren't old at all, Grandfather!" Eirendi beamed. "You haven't been around very long."

The old man laughed so that the afternoon sun bounced on his bald crown, and the sparse gray of his beard and whiskers and eyebrows quivered with mirth.

"No indeed, dear child. But I daresay I do have a few years on you."

A salty wind from the southern sea
Up hill country it blew
The rain had scarcely touched the lea
When up sprang the bamboo!

Strings twanging as the gourd-curved body of the vielle thumped against her back, the girl

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